Giving a new life to socially victimized women through unique mass weddings.

Marriage is not just a ritual or an event in India, its exorbitant expense and dowry tradition has promoted social victimization and evils practices against underprivileged women and their families. But yes, here marriage is also an effective tool for providing social security for uneducated, underprivileged women to save them from exploitation & trafficking

We undertook the noteworthy task of executing mass weddings of 1753 women and criminal background verification of potential grooms also the entire expense of these weddings borne by the organization,

Verification of Your Contribution's Utilization & Tax Exemption Benefit

Ladli believes in inspiring people to participate so that they can enjoy the happiness and enjoyment of seeing others happy. We are indeed very grateful to you for giving us this opportunity. To ensure that your contribution is used transparently, we encourage you to participate in our donation events that support specifically targeted beneficiaries. If you are unable to attend in person, we will arrange for a live Zoom Video Conference in which you and your family members can partake. To receive the official invitation, kindly submit your interest and donation information (Screenshot) to