“An Initiative to provide basic education to street children, ragpickers & child beggars at Red-Light Crossings & Slums

Education plays an important role in shaping the overall development of an individual and society. schools are the best place where millions of children not only gain the knowledge but also learn the basic fundamentals to live a quality life.

Lakhs of children does not go to schools despite having free access to government schools. Therefore, it is imperative to motivate those children and their parents by making them understand the importance of education. This initiative provides basic education to the children by doing various fun activities and reward-based competitions to develop interest in studies so that they continue their further education in the schools.

Under this initiative we not only focus on children but on their parents too. It is essential to understand that parents need to be motivated to send their children schools as they play an important role to make their future bright and stable. Therefore, we do interactive sessions with the parents to motivate and to make themunderstand the importance of education.

The other aspect of this initiative is to protect these children from sexual abuse for which we conduct exclusive sessions with the students of pathanshala on good touch and bad touch and on the other hand we take session with the parents on POCSO Act to make them aware of their children rights