Ladli Foundation Trust was founded in 2012 by Mr. Devendra who born in a poor family in highly crime prone Slum of Delhi “Dakshin Puri”. Devendra embarked his journey when, his parents left him alone at the age of two with his 3-days old infant sister at his paternal aunt’s place. At an age of 8 when other kids of his age used to play with balloons, he started selling it for his livelihood to look after his guardian family consisting of his younger sister and elderly grandmother. By 13, he started working as Chhotu (Child labour) at nursing home, as an aid, for an amount of Rs.250/- per month, while continuing his schooling in Sewa Bharti Charitable School.

During his balloon selling he was brutally snatched & beaten by the group of delinquents who were addicted to substance abuse. After going through all the miseries with him his journey was diverted towards community welfare activities and he started volunteering in St. John Ambulance & Indian Red Cross Society.

His effective reach and innovative ideas diverted thousands of young boys & delinquents from substance abuse and organized crimes by involving them in sports and orientation, motivational sessions which brought about a transformational change in reducing crimes in slums for which he was appreciated by the Union Home Minister and was awarded the official association of Delhi Police.

He was also titled as “True Hero” by the legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for his extra ordinary commitments to crusade and save thousands of uneducated, underprivileged girls from social exploitation and sexual abuse.

His constant efforts for upliftment of underprivileged people by making them self-reliant and financially independent were recognized by Government of India and he was conferred with the National Youth Award by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in 2014.

His extraordinary contribution for welfare of the lower section of the society was commended by the Union Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment and he was officially nominated for the prestigious Padma Shri Award 2020 (4th Highest Civilian Award of India) by the Ministry of Social Justice, Government of India.

“Society is like a canvas, It’s you who needs to paint it beautifully” - Devendra Kumar Gupta

His journey can be seen in this short video clip


In the year 2007 his concern for diverting young acquaintances from substance abuse, he crusaded to stop illegal selling of banned drugs at chemist shops and started his first initiative “JOSH”. His diligence bore fruit, and he was able to divert more than 1500 young boys from addiction through his innovative idea of involving them in sports and community service volunteering at cultural festivals.

In 2009 working as RTI activist, he also exposed many national level striking issues including the malpractices of gas dealers, for not taking refill booking of domestic gas cylinders before 21 days and illegal and forceful selling of gas stoves to underprivileged people at 4 times higher prices in lieu of registering domestic gas subscription. Exposing this scam benefitted millions of Indians across the country though national level media coverage.

In the year 2010 his grassroot level social involvements were rewarded by nature and he was offered a manpower service contract by an industrialist where he also employed his fellows who were de addicted through his initiative.

His combat with dowry-demanding families, for his sister’s marriage in the year 2010, Motivated him to work for the upliftment of uneducated girls, who couldn’t afford schooling, due to poverty and patriarchal mindset of the society. Thereafter, he started involving communities to support destitute unmarried females, that ultimately led him to establish the LADLI FOUNDATION TRUST