Project Overview

10 Jan

Project Overview

The Idea of swabhiman is not just the dignity of a woman who is deprived of material needs but also to regain the dignity of a woman who is emotionally mentally and physically deprived of respect just because she is unprivileged.

Ladli Foundation promotes legal consciousness and legal empowerment. It also upholds access to justice in the society.

Cause Introduction

these crimes and are also the main victims most of the time, leading to distrust on each other and most importantly a loss of dignity and self-respect.
This loss of dignity i.e swabhiman has made individuals feel helpless and useless about themselves.
Taking into account all these effects the ladli foundation trust being an NGO who believes every woman is uniquely gifted and her dignity is the most important ornament for her, we provide these self-determined women with all the possible legal assistance required to fight for justice and also constantly support them throughout. This initiative not only imparts us the knowledge of the importance of legal assistance to one who needs but also makes us realize the amount injustices a woman faces just because she is materially and deprived and hence vulnerable.

This vulnerability which is come which deprivation has seriously effected ladli and hence ladli being a social agent has started with this program with the aim to make the unprivileged belief in the idea of justice and self-belief.
Also, this initiative is a complete transformation of a woman in respect to her own individuality making her believe that justice is never far but all you need to do is to be courageous further the initiative holds a group of lawyers who voluntarily wanted to help the needy and unprivileged. These lawyers wherein share the same objective, also feel motivated when they are able to help these unprivileged women as to them they are able to give back to the society in some respect.

The word swabhiman where means self-respect and dignity its use in terms of ladli is also the same. In the world of today where societal crimes are at its peak and the suffrage is beyond imagination, its hard for all those who have suffered or are suffering to get the required help and also to reach the required station for it. considering the above situation it becomes worse for all those who are deprived of basic amenities and are most prone to these crimes where their unsatisfied needs lead to such crimes at one point and the deep-rooted orthodoxical thoughts at other. Also, the growing menace of industrialization has its own severe affects on them constituting a place in which they are highly vulnerable