Our Story

They say that a woman is a Goddess , a Homemaker and the inner wheel of every family then why is the case that after all these positions allotted to her she is still unsafe , insecure and hidden within the bars of societal notion . Where we say that we are moving towards progressive India and at the same time the national capital of this country is termed as the rape capital where various girls like Nirbhaya are molested,raped and assaulted. Not considering any role which she plays or has to play and is not respected in anyway no matter if we label them as goddesses or the home makers.

With each passing day women are facing problems like eve-teasing, sexual harassment, dowry death, domestic violence, murder etc. There are various cases which do not even get registered in India because of poverty, illiteracy and fear. According to National Crime Record Bureau in every 15 minutes, there is one case of rape which is registered in which around 96% of cases, the rapist is one among the known people or family.

Every year, many campaigns and programs are organized throughout the world to create awareness among people about the crimes that are taking place against women and also to encourage Gender Equality. These programs should be encouraged more and more as they can bring definite changes in the society. Now it is very important to concentrate on the fact that, what types of people are involved in it? From which social status they come from? What is their broad range of age? Whether they are literate or illiterate?

Current initiatives like Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save Girl, educate Girl) is a great tool for social change and a bright future. But the question which still remains is what about the daughters who were born 25 years ago in unprivileged families and never got any education due to conservatism and poverty. They were suppressed under questions like LADKI PADHKE KYA KAREGI, ISKI TO SHADI KARNI HAI, (what she will do to get an education, after all, she has to get married). Nowadays these girls are living in worst situations and are facing exploitation and domestic violence by their own family members and by society sexually, financially and mentally. The alarming rates of girls being trafficked almost every single day, a young girl being trafficked into flesh trade and most of the times, its her parents who sell her off.

It is evident that the poor people living in camps or slum areas of Delhi struggle every day for their sustenance and hence are not economically capable of getting their daughters married at an appropriate age. Consequently, the unmarried girl of a marriageable age becomes the victim of certain anti-social elements. In such an environment if a girl or the family raises the voice in order to oppose, they are suppressed on the means of maintain respect of the family and the so called ‘IZZAT’ of the girl and usually, a counter argument comes into picture by the offenders, why they don’t marry the girl if they want to protect her?

With intensive fieldwork and research , Ladli Foundation found that the honour, self-respect and dignity of each woman is at stake and are under a constant fear and danger of either getting raped or being dragged into prostitution and various other kinds of social destructions exiting in the society where the weaker is always the victim ..

Keeping all these situations in mind and considering its own experiences Ladli foundation realized that the various criminal activities which are taking place against women are mostly done by their own family members or relatives. Generally, people who are into drugs, illiterate or surrounded by the heinous environment are the ones who can never treat men and women equal and will always uphold patriarchy as only norm of the society .