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"His Innovative Initiatives are empowering & rehabilitating thousands of uneducated & unprivileged girls in slums and saving them from Victimization, Sexual abuse and STD's." 



Born in Slums of South Delhi, Devendra embarked his journey where he was left alone to face a world full of hardships. His parents left him and his 3-days old infant sister with their paternal aunt, who since then looked after both the siblings. At the age of 13, Devendra devoted his life & started a journey for the welfare of unprivileged with St. John Ambulance wing of Indian Red Cross as Cadet Volunteer.

National Award Winner, grass-root level social worker, rehabilitator to a multitude of unprivileged slum girls, Devendra is a “True Hero” as commended by the legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for his extraordinary commitments to crusade and save the uneducated, unprotected girls from exploitation and sexual abuse.

Devendra is also officially nominated for prestigious Padma Shri Award-2019. (4th Highest Civilian Award of India) by Ministry of Social Justice, Government of India, for his extraordinary & revolutionary changes in the society.

Run for Laadli Half Marathon“ organised in association with Delhi Police is an outcome of efforts of Devendra Kumar Gupta towards the cause: gender equality & women safety. Inaugurated in presence of more than 20 thousand people, the project was widely praised by the Guest of Honor Rajnath Singh, Home Minister 2017. The success of the event rejoiced across the nation with wide media coverage.

Other noteworthy initiatives -

Over 2 lac male population motivated about gender equality and stop crimes against women through unique street plays and exclusive gender sensitization program.

More than 65000 mothers & daughters in slums have been provided free medical health checkup including blood test and individual counselling about mensuration hygiene, sexual abuse & STD’s through Saheli initiative.

Rehabilitated more than 1750 unprivileged girls by facilitating their complete marriage expenses through his innovative mass wedding concept.

Provided free computer & English training to more than 13 thousand women out of which mostly females employed for respectable jobs.

De - addicted thousands of juveniles and young boys from substance abuse through his distinctive Initiative named “JOSH” (Enthusiasm) stands for Juveniles Orientation Through Sports & Health. Which also includes counselling to divert them from clutches of criminal rackets & orients them to become an asset for the society.

Successfully saved thousands of Girls from leaving their studies, by relocating the existing schools in deserted areas. His efforts made the concerned authority to reverse its decision of relocation of the school and the same has been appreciated by NATIONAL MEDIA.

“A society is like a canvas,
it's you who needs to paint it beautifully"

- Devendra Kumar Gupta


Devendra, A Slum born National Award Winner by Govt of India, a grass-root level social reformer & rehabilitator to a multitude of unprivileged slum girls. Commended as True Hero by the legendary superstar Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for his extraordinary commitments to crusade and save the uneducated, unprotected girls from exploitation and sexual abuse. He is the Founder of Renowned Ladli Foundation Trust, empowering and changing lives of lakhs of females in slums at large.

He vision of an egalitarian society has succeeded in percolating to the lowest strata of the society, saving thousands of women from social and sexual exploitation. For the past 20 years, he is working to enhance the quality of life of unprivileged youth in slums across India. He is known for pioneering innovative projects benefitting millions of unprivileged Indians and transforming their lives.

Devendra envisages a gender-neutral country by endeavouring to bring a change in the mindsets of the people. He aims to establish the LARGEST-EVER WORKFORCE of volunteers called LAADLI RAKSHAKS (Savior of Women) for promotion of the cause of gender equality and women safety. His creative projects are awarded the official association of the True Hero, for its effective ground activities, outreach and conceptualizations such as #RunForLaadli, #LaadliRakshak, #Saheli, and many more.

Devendra has been a harbinger of progressive movements in society, which has treated its daughters like a burden for a very long time. He is extensively working with a large number of illiterate, unprivileged, schedule caste and handicapped women, forced or trapped in the illegal trades.

“You may not have received much in your legacy
but the society will bequeath you with greater things. Be willing to accept.”

- Devendra Kumar Gupta

Early Life

Born in Dakshin Puri Slum of South Delhi, Devendra Kumar Gupta embarked on his journey at the age of two when, his parents left him and his 3-days old infant sister with their paternal aunt. At a very young age, Devendra started to earn his living to look after his family consisting of his younger sister and elderly grandmother. At 9, when other kids of his age used to play with balloons, he used to sell, thinking about his family’s next uncertain meal. By 10, he was working as Chhotu (Child labour) at a chemist shop, as an aid, for a meagre amount of Rs.250/- per month, while continuing his schooling in a Government School.

Devendra’s first NGO “JOSH- EK UMANG” was a result of his concern for his fellow youth, who had their entire life to live, but were trapped in the vicious circle of drug addiction. Along with a group of likeminded people, he crusaded against drug addiction by seeking the help of Police, dissuading pharmacists from selling drugs without prescription. His diligence bore fruits, and he was able to rehabilitate more than 1500 youngsters through his creatively designed idea of involving drug and alcohol addicted unemployed males into “Kabaddi Sports” & their volunteering at religious places.

He also exposed the malpractices of gas dealers, for instance, booking of refill domestic gas cylinders before 21 days, and illegal and forceful selling of gas stoves to consumers taking new connection, that benefitted millions of Indians across the country. His combat with dowry-demanding family, for his sister's marriage in the year 2010, switched his social journey to the welfare of uneducated girls, who couldn’t afford schooling, due to poverty and orthodox mentality of the society that doesn’t believe in female education. Thereafter, he started his grassroots research to evaluate the status-quo, of destitute unmarried girls, that has ultimately led him to establish the LADLI FOUNDATION TRUST.


  • National Youth Award 2013- by the Ministry of Youth affairs & Sports, Govt. of India.
  • Honorary Doctorate for his outstanding social work by IVPU, Bangalore.
  • First Manbassador Award-2018, by Pinkledder.co , Bangalore
  • Awarded By Commissioner of Police Delhi , for Mass Gender Sensitization
  • National Gaurav Award 2016- by Indian Braveheart’s at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi
  • National Women Achiever Award by Lifeline Foundation, at FICCI Auditorium, New Delhi
  • The Jurist Award by justice Gyan Sudha Mishra, (Judge, Supreme Court of India) at IIC.
  • Commendation Award for life saving with risk to self from St. John Ambulance, Delhi.
  • Dr. M.R. Pal Medal – by St. John ambulance, Delhi (Wing of Red Cross Society)



He led Indo-China Youth delegation 2014, by Government of India with 200 Delegates from India.

At the age of 19, he was praised by the National Media for exposing the malpractices of gas dealers India which benefitted millions of Indians.

Media Link - https://www.ndtv.com/video/news/news/crusader-against-injustice-84420

He was commended by the Indian judiciary & national media for his heart-warming act of kindness by getting his accident case settled in unique manner which involved the accused in donating 400 blankets to the poor on streets in chilly weather.

He Initiated International conferences like INDIA & BRICS (2016), and INDO-TIBET SUMMIT (2017) at New Delhi in the esteemed Presence of Hon,ble Prime Minister of Tibet Govt. in Exile and Secretary Ministry of External Affairs Govt. of India. As Founder President of South & East Asia Foundation.

He was appointed as the youngest Commissioned officer - A Cadet Superintendent in St. John Ambulance brigade Delhi, (a wing of Indian Red Cross Society)


More than 10 years of experience in organizing national scale events where each event had the strength of more than 150000-25000 Participants.

Conducting successful education and training of more than 10,000 girls annually.

Organizing Summits & Conferences for discussion on International Agendas annually like Bricks, Indo-Tibet Summit, G-20 etc.

Providing vocational training to thousands of unprivileged women and men.

Conducting and executing mass marriages by providing domestic utility worth Rs. 1 lac to each bride and organizing the event successfully.

Being professional limits you to fly,
Being social gives you wings to fly.”

- Devendra Kumar Gupta

Devendra has addressed various occasions as a Keynote and Motivational speaker with his expertise in explaining the plight of women in slums and how they are left behind from government policies.


  • Youth Motivation Speaker
  • Inspirational Speaker
  • Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Social issues



  • The unveiling life of Chhotu (Child labour) to a National Award Winner. (His journey with source of perseverance, strength and determination)
  • Social Entrepreneurship- an emerging trend.
  • How inner development of youth leads to a reformative society.
  • Why to connect privileged with unprivileged & Domestic Social Responsibility.
  • Importance of mass wedding for unprivileged girls in India
  • Plight of Slum females in India & its effect on their health
  • Current situation of socially victimized unprivileged girls in slums who were born in 90's.
  • How uneducated females have become harmful portent of deadly chronicle diseases.
  • A step ahead of Padman


Vision / Perspective

He strives to be the beacon of hope to all those unprivileged girls suffering endlessly, by inculcating a change in the mindsets of the people.

Though he couldn’t afford right education at the right age, but he is striving that no other child ever misses out the rightful access to education.

He did not get a chance to call a place his home for a very long time, but today he’s the reason behind the happiness of a large number of families by providing them homes.

Recent Highlights

Launched JOSH Initiative and registered 4000+ Participants to involve & Divert Youth & Juveniles from Substance abuse and crimes through Kabaddi & Volleyball sports league. Same was inaugurated by Hon,ble Commissioner of Police, Delhi & World Boxing Champion Ms. Mary Kom and also supported by Bollywood Actor Mr. Vicky Kaushal & others on 22nd February 2019

Mass Gender Sensitization & Youth Orientation for 9500+ Students on 27th Dec 18 East Delhi.

Youth motivation and inspirational talk at IET Lucknow as Motivational Speaker on 2nd Aug-18

Youth Orientation to 22000+ YUVA trainees as keynote speaker with Delhi Police.

Motivated more than 20000+ people for Gender Equality through Presidential Speech in Run For Laadli Half Marathon In presence of Home Minister of India on 17th Dec.17


  • Master's in Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Bachelor's In social work
  • Life time Medallion certificate in First Aid course by St .John Ambulance
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing from Digital Vidya


His Highlighted Initiatives Under “LADLI”

Devendra’s enlightening ideas benefitted a larger magnitude of the society which took a positive turn, his brain child “LADLI FOUNDATION TRUST” through which he has organized and successfully executed the following projects making a highly positive impact:

Run for Laadli -
His innovative idea to bring the male population forward to take a pledge to respect women & raise their voice to stop crimes against women was implemented by organizing a unique Half-Marathon in association with Delhi Police Department, an event to spread awareness about the cause on 17th December 2017 at JLN Stadium New Delhi, “Run for Laadli”. This initiative encouraged the masses to become a savior for women and was titled as “Laadli Rakshak”. This resulted in a huge success where the Hon’ble Home Minister Of India, along with other Cabinet Ministers, Bollywood, Sports celebrities, Foreign Diplomats & more than 20000 people from various fields & communities took the pledge. The success of the event was rejoiced across the Nation with wide media coverage.

Laadli Rakshak - (Saviour)
The biggest volunteer enrollment program, encouraging men to respect & protect women which were launched by the Hon’ble Home Minister of India, encouraging men to respect women.

Saheli - (Best female friend)
The initiative aims to create awareness & Medical Diagnosis of deadly Sexually transmitted diseases in Slums & Rural part of India of uneducated women. In first phase, he organized free health check-ups & sensitization camps along with street plays in association with Delhi Police. It was followed by a counseling session on sexual abuse, personal hygiene & prevention of communicable diseases, especially sexually transmitted diseases for uneducated females in the slums of South Delhi to encourage them to verbalize about the atrocities they have been facing and to build a friendly relation between mother and daughter. The camp resulted with the shocking stats of 57 percent females who were diagnosed with very high count of Lymphocytes. The initiative was also commended by Special Commissioner of Delhi Police(women safety )through an appreciation letter.

Sashakt - (Empower)
His “SASHAKT” project strives to generate awareness, in the society, about education & basic skills for the upliftment of the unprivileged. The proximity of Basic education and working as a domestic servant does not lend to dignitary survival. Moreover, devoid of technical skills leads to exploitation, and is a disregard of elementary humanity. Through this project, Devendra has helped 6000 girls to get intermediate education who had dropped out their schooling due to poverty and societal conditions & stigmas. He also shifted to rental house by giving his own house to open a training institute where thousands of females have been provided with basic computer and English training in of 1500 females in each batch. That are being regularly organized in a span of 4 months. More than 2000 girls have been able to earn employment on the basis of these technical skills and living in a dignified manner.

Shagun - (Bestow)
An idea in which an unprivileged girl’s whole life is characterized by orthodoxy stereotypical slangs from the society for not getting married.. Ladli Foundation helps the poor families by decreasing their burden by fetching a verified groom by our administrative reach, bearing expenses, rendering long term benefits like health insurance and security to the family. The need for today is to bring about the change which we wish to see for them. Under this initiative had organized the Mass Marriages of more than 1200 unprivileged girls and helped them to start their life afresh by gifting them Daily domestic utilites worth rupees one Lac to each girl as delay in their marriages increased the probability of exploitation, trafficking , rapes and other crimes against these women.

Swabhimaan - (Dignity)
It provides free Legal Assistance to those unprivileged women who are unable to bear legal expenses to fight for justice and rights through, a team of renowned lawyers serving voluntarily to help victims of rape , sexual harassment, acid attacks and other crimes against women.

He successfully saved thousands of Girls, from leaving their studies, because of the Government’s decision, of relocating the existing school in deserted area. His efforts made the Government reverse its decision of relocation of the school and the same has been appreciated by national Media.

Other commendable reforms

He also defines himself as a RTI reformist he has brought to light so many cases of treachery, corruption and wrong doing that enlisting all of them here would be difficult. He was succeeded in the culmination of the malpractices of gas dealers that i.e. Booking of refill domestic gas cylinders before 21 days and illegal and forceful selling of gas stoves to consumers at the time of new connection. During this period, he was threatened for his life by some Gas Dealers as well. His whole episode got a full media coverage and was telecasted on all prominent news channels. Starting from his fight against the Gas Dealers in Delhi, he also protested for illegal cutting of huge number of trees during the Commonwealth Games.

As a part of his another fight against the odd practices prevalent in Amarnath, Kashmir he was successful in shifting the landing of helicopters 6 kilometers away from the holy cave at Panjtarni. In the year 2007-08 the fight started against the frequent landing of the commercial helicopter services and due to the landing near the holy cave (naturally created snow shivling) the holy shivling melted and the devotees had to return without completing their procession. The shopkeepers and locals also suffered because of the same. Devendra fought with the local authorities through RTI and raised the issue at a large scale, which resulted in the implementation of the policy in 2011 and proved to be beneficial for the naturally created shivling and business of locals.

After contributing his time and efforts to the St. John Ambulance, Devendra decided to look forward and founded his first NGO “Josh Ek Umang” He with a group of likeminded people initiated “Drives against Drugs”. To get to the bottom of the problem, he personally started taking rounds in the area, spread awareness about this issue amongst those who could actually make a difference. Getting in touch with the Police authorities, approaching the pharmacists to refrain from selling the drugs without prescription and filing RTIs resulted positively. It was a huge struggle to achieve the positive outcome, wherein he has been able to rehabilitate more than 1500 youngsters through his creatively designed idea to involve drug and alcohol addicted unemployed males into “Kabaddi Sports” with constant efforts of Devendra and his team’s success roared loud and clear that it garnered massive media attention as well.

He started his social journey in the year 1999, at the age of 14 as a volunteer in the St. John ambulance (wing of Indian Red Cross Society) He carried out diverse campaigns with the help of his team of volunteers. From organizing Pulse polio camps, First Aid volunteer in republic day parades to Organizing free medical post & mobile rescue team for pilgrims & ponies at the highest point of the pilgrimage (at 14800 Ft height) in Amarnath yatra, Kashmir and he also took care of ponies who carried luggage and people all the way to the top, Devendra did various such activities which could feed his inner soul and not just suffice his material needs.

“Changing the mindset of the society about women is
The Real women empowerment.”

- Devendra Kumar Gupta

To conclude, it’s important to quote one of Mr. Devendra’s most favorite quotes, “if you are young enough to dream it, you are young enough to achieve it”. He being a constant passionate soul was able to overcome his adverse situations and totally embraced the beauty of our diverse society. Where people believed that hard work is the key to success, Mr. DEVENDRA on the other hand was a believer of problems, he said that if you want to be successful you need to have problems in your life because struggle will not only lead you to success but also will make you experience the path of it.

“10% optimism is more driving than 90% of your material needs.”

- Devendra Kumar Gupta